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Jalor represents a number of different foundries. Each of these casting processes has their advantages

Investment Casting is also called the “lost wax” process. It is a near net shape casting process. Wax patterns are injection molded. A ceramic mold is then formed by dipping the wax patterns in a series of slurries. The wax is then melted out of the ceramic shell so that molten metal can be poured into the mold. A great deal of detail can be cast. For example most splines and knurls can be cast. The surface finish is better than 125 micro inch RMS. See the investment casting page for more information about our foundry and tolerances .

Aluminum Sand Casting is a good process for producing aluminum parts. It is well suited for parts that have a shape that requires a great deal of material removal. It is a good way to reduce machining and material costs.

Zinc and Aluminum Die Casting  produces parts that are nearly complete as molded. They require minimal machining for tapped or reamed holes.



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