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Plastic Molding

Jalor represents several plastic producers, their processes include Injection Molding, Roto-Molding, and Vacuum Forming. Each of these processes has distinct advantages.

Injection Molding is ideal for producing intricate net shape parts without the scrap rates intrinsic to machining. Inserts of varying material and design can be molded, or sonically welded into a part.

Rotational Molding is the process to use when making non-linear hollow plastic parts. Items such as tanks, jugs and hollow handles are easily produced this way.

Vacuum Forming is a reliable method for producing plastic trays, baskets and other drawn containers. A forming method that begins with a flat sheet of plastic being heated and drawn onto a tool using vacuum pressure, it is ideally suited for producing plastic covers, box bottoms, and shallow drawn parts with varying surface characteristics.




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